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From its humble beginnings in the Swiss Alps, timeshare has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry offering a diverse array of quality vacation ownership properties throughout the world. Whether your ideal vacation is a small cottage tucked away in the woods - or a glitzy high rise with every imaginable comfort and convenience, you are sure to find your "perfect" timeshare resort developer that best offers the type of vacation experience and network of resort properties that best suit your lifestyle.

Many years removed from its "mom and pop" origins, the timeshare industry today is comprised of independent and hotel/ hospitality branded developers committed to assuring each and every vacation is memorable and worry free. The entrance of the luxury hotel brands - Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, Disney, and Wyndham -in recent years by copmpanies has served to fuel industry competition. This competition has served the consumer well by offering innovative types of vacation ownership plans, outstanding selection of resort locations, and exceptional, high quality vacation accommodations.

Throughout the site you'll find many resort developer choices for creating unforgettable vacation memories with family and friends. Click and browse on the numerous timeshare developer selections below to learn more about each company and the resorts offered.

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As you browse our site, you'll discover a varied selection of quality resort developer names and the resorts developed by these well recognized companies. More importantly, you'll find TimeshareMyWay.com as a reliable resource for developer information whether you wish to buy, sell, or rent timeshares in the resale market.

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