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Pet Friendly Timeshare Resorts

Fido Deserves a Holiday Too. Discover the Differences Between Pet Friendly Hotels & Resorts.

Are you a pet-owner looking for a hotel for you - and your pet - for vacation travel? Do you love to travel with your four legged family member? Why not consider purchasing a pet-friendly timeshare? There are numerous pet-friendly timeshare resorts with timeshares for sale all over the world. These resorts understand the concerns you have while vacationing with your pets and are sensitive to making your stay (and Fido's) as comfortable as possible.

After all, your pet is a member of your family. Why not consider buying a pet-friendly timeshare? Fido will definitely thank you!

Why pet friendly timeshare resorts, instead of pet friendly hotels? Besides additional villa space for Fido to roam, timeshares are generally more attractive to pet owners than hotels in that animals tend to feel most comfortable with a certain level of consistency. As you and your pet explore the area year after year, your resort property will begin to feel like a home away from home.

When deciding to buy or rent at a pet-friendly resort, there are several considerations. You animal's lifestyle should certainly play a role in your decision. If you have an active dog, for example, you'll want to ensure that there are ample running or walking space at the resort and that there are plenty of nearby activities like dog-parks and hiking.

You'll also want to determine whether the pet-friendly timeshare resort imposes weight-limits, breed-restrictions, and/or limitations as to the number of pets allowed. Much like a hotel,  some resorts have differing opinions as to what "pet-friendly" means. For most resorts, "pet-friendly" means that animals are welcome into your rooms and common areas. However some resorts and hotels, such as Disney , consider themselves "pet-friendly" by offering on-site kennel accommodations. Ask your potential resort about their particular pet-friendly policy before you buy to determine if it's in line with your particular desires.

Finally, it's always important to check with the actual resort before you finalize your pet friendly vacation to ensure that all relevant information is accurate and current. Don't leave Fido at the mercy of the neighbor's kid when there are many great options! Find a pet-friendly timeshare today and enjoy family vacations for years to come!


Discover Your "Pet Friendly" Options

As you browse our site for timeshares, you'll find that the resorts that are pet friendly will be highlighted. As of now there are a limited number of pet friendly resorts; but the list of those properties that offer this feature is growing. 

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