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Fractional Ownership

Combining the best aspects of luxury resort home ownership and timeshare to create an exceptional vacation ownership alternative.

Fractional ownership is a form of vacation ownership that integrates the best features of timeshare and whole ownership real estate. Fractional ownership includes luxury fractional properties and private residence clubs. While the difference between the two forms are subtle, both types of fractional ownership provide buyers with four to thirteen weeks of ownership in a two, three,four, or five bedroom property. Private residence clubs are differentiated by providing a host of full services and amenities that one would expect to find in an exclusive high-end luxury hotel. Luxury fractionals offer similar services and amenities but not quite the same service level as a private residence clubs. As fractional ownership buyers typically own a real estate interest in their resort property - a recorded deed and title are included in ownership. The most common ownership fractions are 1/4, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12.

Most fractional ownership properties and private residence clubs are located on high profile/ prime real estate such as a ski-in, ski-out location, exclusive beach setting, or world famous golf course. These residences with typical floor plans of 1,900 to 3,900 square feet and above are multi million dollar properties featuring the best in terms of amenities and luxury. They incorporate great design, the best construction materials and impeccable attention to detail. Most private residence club residences offer private pools, jacuzzis,gourmet kitchens, and office space with internet access.


Fractional Properties

Fractional homes offer various ways of sharing out the year between their owners. These may be either (i) fixed weeks in which specific owners have the same weeks each year, (ii) floating weeks in which members reserve weeks using some sort of priority reservation procedure (see the example below), or (iii) hybrid which includes elements of both fixed and floating weeks.

Fractional ownership members can trade their home resort for time at other resorts and locations. While some fractional resort properties may participate with RCI and Interval International to provide timeshare trading opportunities, other properties are affiliated with companies that operate exchanges specifically for trading luxury fractional and private residence club ownership. In some cases the club rules only allow trading between other clubs within the group, or for instance most of the luxury hotel chains also allow members to trade in their club time for hotel stays around the world.

Industry resources note that the cost of a luxury fractional can vary from under $100,000 up to about $2.5 million, with the average being around $260,000. Annual dues average about $1,200 per week of ownership.


Private Residence Clubs

While  considered fractional oownership: a higher service level defines private residence clubs - starting with a dedicated concierge who will help plan your trip and book any recreational activities for you. These activities may include spa visits, golfing, hiking, white water rafting, theater tickets and skiing to name a few examples. Luxury transportation transfers from the airport to the club, bell service, valet parking, daily housekeeping, complimentary dry cleaning and laundry services are just some of many customer atuned services available at many residence clubs. Personal touches are provided to each residence before an owner arrives and include pressing clothes left in storage, shopping and stocking the refrigerator with your favorite gourmet foods and beverages, putting out any personal items or pictures, cleaning and fine-tuning skis and golf clubs so you are ready to go upon your arrival.

Several private residence clubs are developed and managed by luxury hotel brands. These clubs which may be integrated into a luxury resort hotel network typically have their own staff, concierges and amenities. Hotel brands such as Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and St. Regis have gained an outstanding reputation for developing fractional ownership interests with their brand of private residence clubs.

Private residence club and luxury fractionals allow members/ owners to indulge in owning a luxurious second home without having to worry about property taxes, maintenance, service levels and the other chores associated with second home ownership. Owners can buy the amount of time that they would typically spend in their vacation home without the huge financial commitment of buying a whole ownership home outright.

No matter your choice, luxury fractional ownwership properties or private residences clubs offer a high end vacation experience at a fraction of the cost to a comparable whole ownership purchase.

For more information on purchasing, renting, or selling a luxury fractional ownership interest; explore our listings to find the fractional property that best meets your needs. 

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