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How to Price and Sell Your Timeshare in the Resale Market

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In order to have the best possible chance of selling, it's important to understand how the timeshare resale market functions. Having this knowledge will help you to better assess how to price and sell your listing.
Here's what you need to know:

1. It's Not Like Traditional Real Estate

While developers often sell timeshare as a traditional real estate purchase, fact is, owning a timeshare is quite different. Sure, there are some similarities with respect to the legal process; however some developers restrict which features may transfer with the sale of your property. They will also offer incentives and "first day" perks - that you cannot necessarily compete with. Something that is quite different than if you choose to sell your home.
More important are market factors that influence the demand and pricing for timeshares in the resale market. It is truly a supply and demand story. WIth potentially hundreds of weeks at your home resort being available in the marketplace, finding a buyer to purchase your resale timeshare is also challenging. The reason being - there is not much that differentiates your timeshare week from that of other sellers at the same resort. When you sell timeshare, you are competing with multiple owners at your resort who have an identical unit, an identical week and a similar need to sell. 

2. You Will Not Get Back the Price You Paid from the Developer

As painful as it is to hear, this point is true. As most timeshares are initially sold through the developer, it is extremely rare that you will receive anything close to the price you paid at the time of purchase. Developer costs are such that a substantial portion of the marketing and sales costs are a part of the actual price you paid to acquire the timeshare.
Chances are the sales person may have also told you that your timeshare would appreciate in value. Only in rare instances is this actually the truth when one looks to sell timeshare. While some hotel branded timeshares may retain higher resale values, the majority of resales often sell for only 50% or less of the original price.
When looking to sell timeshare in the secondary market, it's critical that you rethink how you price a timeshare based on your previous assumption that "it works just like real estate". 

3. Competitive Factors Will Greatly Influence the Price You Receive for Your Timeshare

Keep in mind you are  competing against the thousands of weeks inside the marketplace. Not only do you compete against the resale marketplace but also developer sales. Many of the sellers that you are "competing" against to sell timeshare never looked at their purchase as a financial investment - but as an investment in alternate costs to other rental vacations and the quality vacation time they spend with their family and friends each year.
This said, these buyers have gotten their "money's worth" out of their timeshare purchase. More importantly, for many sellers it is irrelevant as to how much they receive in return when they look to sell their timeshare. It's surprising to know that there are many owners that when the time comes to sell, do not have a problem selling at 30 to 50 cents on the dollar. 

4. The Good News

There are buyers in the resale market. You can sell your timeshare, but you have to price your property competitively. Because of the sheer number of similar properties and weeks in the secondary market, the differentiating factor is price. 
While no company can guarantee you the sale of your timeshare, there are buyers that are looking to buy a timeshare. Pricing your property is key to attracting the interest of those buyers.

The secret here is to acknowledge there are differences when you want to "sell my timeshare" in the resale market. It's also important to recognize you will compete with thousands of other developer and resale timeshares. And lastly, pricing is key in your efforts to be successful at selling a timeshare.


We have bought and sold timeshares through Timeshare My Way. Both transactions were great experiences. The staff was very attentive to detail and easy to work with.
Linda B.