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RCI Points

Timeshare Exchange with the Flexibility You Desire 

RCI  Points is a highly flexible, next-generation timeshare exchange concept from Resort Condominiums International - or RCI.  Members receive points to use each year to book  accommodations in over 3700  RCI resorts worldwide. Rather than traditional timeshare weeks where members stay at the same resort for a week each year, RCI Points members are allocated points each year to use for vacation accommodations available through RCI.

If you are looking to buy RCI points, you'll discover just how flexible timeshare exchage travel can be.

 Highlights of the RCI Points:

  • RCI Points can be used as your own vacation “currency” - a “vacation checking account” if you will.  Use RCI Points to pay for timeshare accommodations, airline tickets, rental cars, even ski lift tickets and theme park admission.
  •  With RCI Points you can reserve partial weeks -- one night, two nights or as many as you like.
  •  As a RCI Points member, you can book your vacations online anytime or call a single toll free number.
  • Existing timeshare owners can combine any non-points week with their new RCI Points membership and get many times more vacation fun.
  •  As a points member you still get access to bonus weeks, instant exchanges and the great benefits of RCI membership.

RCI Points Quick Facts

  • Use your Points for a full week, multiple weeks or for 1-2-3 or 4 day vacations. It's your vacation, your way!
  • There's no trading power with Points!  Points are Points.
  • 60,000 Points exchange for a 2 bedroom Gold Crown resort in most RCI Weeks - based on space  availability.
  • 27,500 Points exchange for a 1 bedroom Gold Crown resort anywhere in RCI Weeks - based on space availabilty.
  • 9,000 Points qualify for an instant exchange to a 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom Gold Crown resort, anywhere in RCI Weeks where space is available. This is a great benefit if you like to travel spontaneously and are flexible in your travel plans!
  • Bonus vacation flexibility! You can also save and borrow points! Need extra points to complete this year's reservation? Borrow them from the following year! Don't want to use all your points this year? Save them and use them for next year's vacations!

 Buy RCI Points

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Linda B.