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Marriott Vacation Club International

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Marriott Vacation Club International offers a world of top quality resorts with over 52 exciting destinations.  Marriott timeshare offers a lifetime of quality vacations with family and friends - all from a name that is trusted the world over for its hospitality expertise. Wherever you choose to make your vacation home base, Marriott offers flexible options to enjoying your vacation ownership. One feature that is quite popular with Marriott owners is the ability to exchange their timeshare through the Marriott Vacation club and Interval International. Of course for the years you do not want to exchage - enjoying your home resort trading your week is a grand option to using your Marriott property.

When purchasing a timeshare from Marriott, you'll enjoy spacious villa accommodations worthy of the Marriott name in some of the world's most sought after and exotic locales. Better yet, you'll find your Marriott timeshare offers a true flexibility to enjoy your accommodations how, when and where you want.

With Marriott, you may visit your home resort at the same time every year, or never stay at the same resort location twice. Simply said, you'll enjoy a level of freedom to enjoy your timeshare as you see fit when purchasing from Marriott Vacation Club International.

These flexible options include:

Stay at your "home resort." Many Marriott Owners are content to spend every year at the resort where they purchased their timeshare, and with so many exciting things to see and do at each property, it's easy to see why.

Exchange your week. With Marriott timeshare ownership and membership with Interval International®, you have the option to vacation every year and literally never stay in the same place twice! All exchanges are processed through Interval International. Select Internal Exchange and you can exchange your timeshare at your home resort for a stay at another Marriott Vacation Club or Grand Residence Club resort worldwide. Or if you wish to venture outside the Marriott Vacation Club, choose an External Exchange and select from Interval International's network of more than 2,100 resorts throughout 75 countries.

Marriott timeshare offers a lifetime of exceptional vacations as can be attested by the 400,000 satisfied owners that comprise the Marriott Vacation Club.

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Whether your interest is to buy or rent a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare - you will enjoy an exceptional vacation experience when vactaioning in these fine properties. For more information about available inventory, be sure and browse our owner listings . 

We have bought and sold timeshares through Timeshare My Way. Both transactions were great experiences. The staff was very attentive to detail and easy to work with.
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