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Seller Questions

Selling a Timeshare? Here are the Fast Facts.

If you want to rent or sell your timeshare - but need more insight before proceeding -  the following questions and answers provide a great resource for addressing those "need to know" concerns. Let our years of timeshare advertising expertise assist you in selling your timeshare. When it's time to sell or rent a timeshare, the professionals at  Timeshare My Way give you the marketing edge to get your timeshare sold.

Doesn't selling a timeshare require a broker?

In general, no, a timeshare does not have to be marketed or sold by a broker or developer. While some owners may elect to use a broker, one can avoid paying a real estate commission of  20% to 40% by selling your timeshare through an online service such as TimeshareMyWay.com. Besides a dynamic website optimized to attract millions of internet users, we offer you professional insight and guidance through the entire selling process.

For those owners that prefer broker representation, consider trying our Broker Assistance program. Many sellers or rentors prefer to have someone to manage the selling transaction throughout the entire process.  These sellers and rentors just simply do not have the inclination nor the time to negotiate the sale of their timeshare on their own. For those individuals, Broker Representation is the perfect solution.

Do I need an appraisal to sell my timeshare?

No, timeshare appraisals are not necessary when one chooses to sell a timeshare. If you are interested in learning more about the value of your week in the resale market , we are happy to provide access to this information without charge through one of our timeshare brokerage affiliates.

What about closing? Do I need an attorney?

Timeshare My Way recommends a licensed and bonded title company like First American Title Company.  This is a turn key service whereby the closing company manages the entire closing process, which includes deed preparation, escrow of funds, timeshare estoppel certificate, closing statements and recording fees all for one low flat rate. Any work done to the title is reviewed by an attorney and guaranteed to be precise.

How long will it take me to sell my timeshare?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some listings sell soon after posting. Others may take some time. One thing is certain, no one can tell you absolutely when your timeshare will sell. There are many factors that influence the selling process; of these location, resort quality, flexibility, season and price are the most important factors.

What is "first right of refusal" ?

Many resort developers maintain this right when establishing the legal documents that define the operation of the resort.  These documents are often called covenants.

In essence, each time seller and buyer enter into a purchase agreement - the developer of the resort maintains the right to review the purchase agreement and may elect to purchase the timeshare under the exact terms of the agreement. If the resort developer enforces its right, then it will purchase the timeshare. If the developer waives its right then the buyer and seller may  proceed towards closing the transaction.

How long does it take to close a timeshare?

A typical timeshare closing takes approximately 45 -60 days.

What happens to my timeshare I have in my " banked" exchange when I sell?

Once you deposit your week with the affiliated exchange company, the week is no longer affiliated with the resort. So the sale of the resort doesn't affect banked weeks. The banked time can be used or included with the sale if you wish.

We have bought and sold timeshares through Timeshare My Way. Both transactions were great experiences. The staff was very attentive to detail and easy to work with.
Linda B.